The Congregational Association of Religious Expression - CARE

What is CARE?

CARE is much more than a church; it is its individual and collective members working together for the greater good of the whole. It is an organization of churches and individuals that have a common desire for fellowship with like-minded people. CARE does not offer a different Spiritualism. CARE does offer a broader approach to Spiritualism and its many purposes.

CARE stresses the necessary education of all people regarding their spiritual progression. With spiritual progression as our foundation, we have an Educational Course available for those who seek a greater knowledge on the subject of Spiritualism as a Philosophy, Religion and Science. By studying our Educational Course and meeting all the criteria, an individual can attain credentials as an Ordained Minister, Congregational Spiritualist Teacher, Associate Minister, Medium and Spiritual Healer.

Spiritual Precepts

  1. We believe in God.
  2. We believe that all in the seen and unseen worlds is God in manifestation.
  3. We believe that living in accordance with God’s Spiritual and Natural Law will reveal our divine purpose.
  4. We believe in the continuous existence of the soul.
  5. We believe in communication with the Spirit World.
  6. We believe in Personal Responsibility.
  7. We believe in Eternal Progression for every soul.

CARE is affiliated with the International Spiritualist Federation (ISF). The ISF is a worldwide association whose aim is to show that all life is governed by natural law but as humans have become more "civilized" we have largely isolated ourselves from our spiritual heritage by hiding our spiritual natures under layers of materialism and insensitivity. The Federation aims to help Spiritualists all over the world show people how to reveal that spiritual nature again.
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